Sunday, February 8, 2015

Golden Gate 30K

3:50, a substantial 14 minute improvement over my 4:04 the prior year.

Things I did well:
Ate well day before - Little Star Pizza!
Got plenty of sleep - in bed by 9 pm, though the 6:55 AM still felt early. 
Got to the race on time. At Woodside Marathon I went to a show til 3 AM, barely slept, and got to the race 10 minutes after it started. Starting on time, well rested, shouldn’t be taken for granted.
Brought plastic baggie for phone to protect it.
Hat protected my glasses from direct water. 
Ran my own race - walked all Hill88, ran the downs, didn’t get caught up in anyone else’s pace.
Tried to say “thank you” to all the volunteers.
In & out of aid stations quickly. Assessed weight of water in pack & ran 30K on 2 Liters. Roughly 5 minutes stopping in 3:50, including a 1:30 minute bathroom break at Tennessee Valley. 
Tried to say “Good job” while passing people or being passed.
Dropped the hammer at mile 15, and again at 17, with a 7:15! minute mile.
Set Strava PRs for 10K, 10 Mile, 20K, half marathon, and 30K!

Things to improve on:
My rain jacket didn’t seem to offer much protection. I don’t know whether it’s not a good jacket or I was sweating enough nothing would have helped. 
Set drop bag down on ground, it got waterlogged. Should double bag with a trash bag in wet conditions.

Wished I’d brought a cider to toast my finish, as everyone else was drinking beer & I don’t drink beer.