Sunday, July 31, 2011

Headlands Marathon splits

my headlands marathon splits (all times are from when I leave the aid station)

Rodeo Beach to Tennessee Valley 5.4 mile 1:18 14.4 min/mile
Tennessee Valley to Muir Beach 4.1 58 14.1
Muir Beach to Tennessee Valley 3.8 1:01 16
Tennessee Valley to Golden Gate 1:11 5 14.2
Golden Gate to Rodeo Beach 1:18 8 9.75

Wow. talk about negative splits!! 2:29 for the second half, 3:15 for the first half! I don't think vie ever been happy about my time from Rodeo to Tv over Hill88--something about that hill cramps me, and the best I he for is survival. Coach Ken loooves it and keeps talk in about a Hill 88 88 repeat race. The middle TV hill is also tough. Coyote ridge was resurfaced about. 2 years ago and now is at best rutted and uneven and at worse a clay mud morass. I'm not sure the last segment is 8 miles-- but I was running solidly and passing.

Last night I worked on my pace chart for Headlands 100...
6:20 for first loop
6:40 for second
8:15 for the night loop
8:45 for final 25

It seems very doable to me--I'm budgeting 19 minute miles over the night. The y factor is aid stations--I'm only budgeting 5-10 minutes too each. No major stops, just changing clothes for the night and ahovelling in soup and cals.

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