Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Training setback

It's the most beautiful weather of the year here in San Francisco. Mid 70s, fog free, and the sunset isn't until 7 pm so I can still run after work. Or, I could run, if my doctor hadn't advised me not to. The taxi I was riding to dinner on Sunday night was hit by a car running a red light. I suffered a concussion in the accident, and have had killer headaches since. The doctor said to take Extra Strength Tylenol and avoid exercise (which sends blood to the brain) till I feel better. Total bummer.

On the plus, I hope I'm recovered enough that I can run Golden Hills Marathon on October 8th. JFK 50 Mile is not that far away! I also got an email that the North Face Endurance Challenge course will change as Bootjack is closed for trail returns. Will it go down TCC instead?

1 comment:

  1. Bummer on the accident! Wow, that sucks. Glad it wasn't even worse, though.