Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cascade Crest 100 Mile Training starts!

Monday was my official first day of training for the Cascade Crest 100.  To keep me honest, I signed up for the Endurables 16 week program for a 50 Mile on June 30.  Why 50 mile?  Because there's no 100 Mile program offered.  I'll train with the group for 16 weeks, then (hopefully) keep my momentum going for the big race.  

Larissa's group meets Monday and Wednesday at Marina Green for "strength and core", then Saturday long run in Marin.  Marina Green is ~3.2 miles from my place, and a straight shot on the 22-Fillmore.  I got on the 22-Fillmore at 6:02, and arrived four blocks away at 6:36.  So the 22-Fillmore travels at ~11 minute pace.  Last year, I started jogging to practice when the bus was late and it never caught me.  "Faster than a 22-Fillmore at commute hour!".

I didn't run on Monday as I'd done back to backs of 8 & 10 miles on Saturday and Sunday.  Monday turned out to be almost all drills of squats, planks, and other core exercises.  It was less vigorous than I expected, but hard as the last time I'd done a plank was when I went to core workout last July.  

The weather was beautiful--daylight saving time gave us an extra hour of twilight, and the coming storm tinted the horizon beyond the Golden Gate pink.

While we were stretching, Randy ran by!  He said "Oh Edie, I saw you on my scooter at Sports Basement…" as soon as he said scooter & Sports Basement I knew EXACTLY what he was talking about.  A few weeks ago I'd ducked into the SB during a Presidio run to use their bathroom.  As I was leaving, a guy started yelling at me, but I had no idea who it was, as he had on a helmet and was on a scooter.  RANDY!  Mystery solved.

After an hour of workout, I took the bus back to Pac Heights.  As a reward for trekking up-city, I decided I would eat in Marina or Pac Heights after practice.  I'd worn a running skirt so I looked dressier than in running shorts.  

I read my WSJ at SPQR bar, in between two guys reading the WSJ on their smart phones.  The squid ink pasta with crab was great! though I was disappointed in the cheese plate.  One of the guys kept critiquing all of the wine and chatting with the bar staff.  I ended up getting three splashes of wine (gratis) of his favorites.  

All in all, I'm fine with bribing myself with pasta & wine to core workout!

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