Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Strength & Speed Workouts with the Endurables

In my quest to run Cascades 100, I signed up for the Endurables 6:30 evening  Monday (strength) and Wednesday (speed) workout.  Every week I basically don't want to go. 

-it's a hassle to get all the way up to Marina Green.  If I run, it's about 37 minutes.  If I take the bus, it's about 40-50 minutes (one way)
- I had a string of 3 workouts where I arrived at 6:35 and the group was nowhere to be found.
- noone wants to do a situp, plank, or wind sprints.

However, every time when I do get up there and find the group, I'm so happy I went.
- Marina is ridiculously scenic. 
- I'd never do a plank by myself, but I feel better for doing them
-it's only an hour workout and I feel so proud afterwards
-I like hearing about other peoples races and runs
-I treat myself and eat at at a place I normally wouldn't trek to, like Presidio Social Club or SPQR
-the Marina is RIDICULOUSLY scenic.  Where else could I do planks staring at Alcatraz, wind sprints looking at the fog on the Golden Gate, or situps facing the Palace of Fine Arts?

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