Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Countdown to Squamish 50

I'm running Squamish 50 in 4 days!

My first Canadian race!

Of note from the Racer Updates

  1. "We will have two points during our race where a train can potentially cut you off. You're welcome to play chicken with them but our insurance won't cover you if you lose." 
  2. "Two animals to be aware of in Squamish are black bears and cougars. "
  3. "Here's the funny thing though, our course was actually 52 miles long. More Miles = More Fun RIGHT! SO, now you're only running 51miles. "
It's been cool and foggy here in San Francisco.  Sunday morning when I ran in Muir Woods, it was 59.  Great training for cool British Columbia, right?  WRONG.  The high in Squamish is 82!  

The race course looks beautiful and I hope my knee is up to the challenge.  Cascades Crest is right behind.

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