Monday, April 15, 2013

Why is the Boston Marathon tragedy so hard?

I read about the Boston Marathon bombing when I got back from lunch in San Francisco, and initially I thought it was the usual. A bomb threat, nothing major.

Then I saw the photos and the tweets and my heart dropped. I pushed refresh a few times, and saw more photos of blood, of limbs severed, of lives changed irrevocably for being in the right place, doing something these runners had worked so hard at…


Who could do such a thing? The eternal question everyone from Norway to Newton and beyond has asked…WHY?  WHAT HAS A RUNNER DONE TO YOU? Or, what has a teenager done, or a human?

I don't have any answers.

My heart breaks for everyone harmed. The bombing hit around 4:07 on the clock…right around my marathon time. If I'd run Boston, could it have been me? And what gain does anyone get from harming runners and their family who'd come out to cheer them.

Puts my own petulance about my DNF in sudden sharp focus.

No answers, only sincere best wishes for all those harmed. 

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