Monday, June 10, 2013

Big Basin 50K

Big Basin 50K

Not a very glorious time, but after a string of DNF's last year, my longest finished race since Marin Ultra Challenge 50 Mile last year.

I ran an honestly stupid race. Too excited at the start to be back on the trails, wanted to beat Karen. Went out fast, stayed fast all through the first two aid stations (Waterman Gap, China Grade) for the first 18K. I saw Todd behind me, and ran a wee bit quicker. Then he caught up with me on a hill, and I slowed to walk with him and catch up on his races. 

Running into Gazos Creek, something (bee? wasp?) stung me hard on my stomach. I screamed "OW" loud enough that a runner in front of me paused in concern. I thought the pain would dissipate and kept running.

On Gazos Creek (~5 mile loop), Karen said "You feel the cougar breath?" and passed me on an uphill. I thought I'd pass her on the down. My right foot sole was bothering me on the climb. 

I refilled at Gazos, figuring I'd rock it on the long 12 miles to the finish. However, my stomach fell apart. Sloshy, bloated, crampy, nauseous…the bee sting was making my stomach all sorts of crazy. I'd been taking S-caps steadily every half hour, and now I wondered "am I taking too much salt? too little water? too much water?" 

I slogged along, miserable. The scenery was gorgeous, it was perfect running conditions (groomed fire roads), but all I could do was a steady jog /walk. "Forward motion, forward motion". Unable to eat or drink, I was hitting a wall of pain. 

Finally, there was the 29 mile aid station -- only two more miles. "I can walk it in". Then, as a final kick in the stomach, instead of mainly flat along the fire road, the new course climbed up along the hill above the finish. UGH. 

I finished and immediately lay down, trying to calm my stomach. After about 10 minutes, some 7-up. Even today, a day later, my stomach is still not right.

Things I did well:
Tried to say thanks to volunteers
Tried to be gracious to Karen beating me
S-caps every half hour

Things to improve on:
RUN MY OWN DAMN RACE. I got caught up in "being ahead", and paid for it with ~10 miles of misery and a time 40 minutes slower than the last time on the course. 
New shoes -- my old shoes have got to go

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