Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Skyline 50K Race Report August 3 2014

New 50K PR at Skyline 50K! A soggy, foggy, damp day.

Things I did well: Started off slow, ran my own race, didn’t try to chase early people. 
Talked to Chuck Wilson at start. Tried to say thank you to all volunteers, encouraging words to other racers. Walked several hills with Sabine.

Tried to stay on top of nutrition - Scoobies whenever hungry instead of waiting for time. When felt nauseous, stopped eating to let stomach settle.

S-cap every hour on the hour, to avoid second guessing if taken or not. 

Picked up pace in last half of race. Didn’t get too aggressive but sped up, passed multiple people in end of race. 

Things to improve on:
Need to stock food for pre race the day before the day before the race. Didn’t have enough carbs before start. Didn’t feel like coffee in morning, and didn’t have coke /Frappucino on hand. 

Kept headphones in, wasn’t very social with other runners.

Didn’t get enough sleep - was awake til 11 pm (?), 5:30 AM wakeup (ugh). Wine-tasting with Misha in Napa the day before. 

50:45 4.31
25:36 1.98
36:16 3.06
1:12 5
1:18 5.9
36:45 3
1:01 5.3
31 3

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