Thursday, August 11, 2011

More thoughts on Headlands 100 DNF and personal worst performances

It's five days after Headlands 100 DNF, and I'm still a bit sad. I was sick for a few days after, and managed to get Greg sick too (sorry!) When I was sick and barely able to walk, it was easy to understand why I'd dropped. Now, as I get better, I ponder "could I have pushed harder?" But in my heart I knew I didn't hae it.

This goes on the list of my worst recent races:
St Louis Marathon: 90+ degree weather, 20+ mile winds, extremely heavy pollen. My angel, Aunt Carol, who surprised me at mile 17, bought me Claritin and paced me in. Without her, I don't know if I would have finished.

Ohlone 50K. Started DFL, barely made the first cutoff, and had Chuck Wilson pass me in a pouf. Lost a toenail from wearing La Sportiva Fireblades, and decided to go back to my trusty Air Pegasus.

My cold malaise is almost over, and I'm eyeing Headlands 50K. I haven't run all week, and I'm feeling antsy.

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