Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pre Sequoia 30k

After licking my wounds post Headlands 100 for two weeks, I put together a fairly solid week of training

Monday: 4 miles around Buena Vista Hill and back on Page St, just testing out my fitness
Tuesday: 8 miles Ran to Ocean Beach, had supper at Outerlands, walked up Judah till the N streetcar came, then ran up from Cole Valley to Twin Peaks
Wed: 4 miles on Dolores: ran to 30th and back, ran the whole way
Thur: 3 miles easy, around Buena Vista Hill
Fri: off.
Saturday: 6 miles gentle up Rodeo Valley to SCA, down Coastal. Thick fog the whole way. I felt great and wanted to go further, but Sequoia 30K was on Sunday and wanted plenty in the tank. My friend Karen is running and I don't want to be cougared.

The week has given me more confidence--my IT band hasn't flared up, my ankle is decent. I put on weight while I wasn't running that I'm not too happy about--I hope it will evaporate once I get more consistent.

My goal for Sequoia 30K: under 4 hours, and seeing Marshall Ulrich!

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