Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Year Ahead

I'm making a list, checking it twice..a mix of naughty (& nice) races for 2012. I missed lottery season entirely. I want to take the first half of the year easy, with a 20K or 30K every month, trying to get faster and still have fun. In the second half--I'm eyeing some longer "away" races, like White River 50 or Where's Waldo 100K, or in my ambitious hours, Angeles Crest 100 Mile!

Races I'm not entering
Way Too Cool 50K? I've done it. I didn't think the course was that scenic.

Lake Sonoma 50 Mile on April 14--a beautiful course in a new area. However, my friend John is getting married this weekend. I just realized his wedding is on Monday, the race on Saturday, and maybe, if I didn't mind limping around the dance floor, I could do both. But registration is closed.

Miwok 100K? I did love this race. However, I thought I should give my lottery space to someone who wanted it more than me. I also just saw that the start/finish moved from Rodeo Beach to Stinson Beach, a very significant move. The course will have to add the climb/descent from Stinson to the ridge. And then somewhere else will have to be cut 5 (?) miles to make up the distance. Glad I didn't enter, and interested to see the new course.

Western States 100. Sigh. I thought my Comrades time of 11:28 qualified me. Unfortunately, I actually had to meet the "50 mile" time of 11 hours, even though Comrades is 54 miles.

Races I might enter
Pacifica 20K (maybe 30K) 1/22
Golden Gate (2/11)
Pirates Cove 30K (3/18). I'd love to get under 3:30.
Ohlone 50K (5/20) I did terrible there two years ago. Could I do better? Or will I get my toenails handed to me again?
Skyline to the Sea 50K (6/10) A good race to attempt to PR below 6:30.

Fantasy Races
Angeles Crest 100 7/21
White River 50 7/28
Where's Waldo 8/18
Dick Collins Firetrails 10/8
North Face 50 !

A big unknown is the current brouhaha with Pacific Crest Trail Runs. I've run many of their events and greatly enjoyed them. However, lately they've canceled five events (SF One Day, Santa Cruz Mountains, Montana de Oro, Redwood Park, Stinson Beach). I understand life happens, but if I'm going to plan for a race, I'd like it to happen! A new organization Inside Trail just showed up, promising beautiful Bay Area trail runs. I eagerly looked at their calendar, thinking they'd have some new options on alternate weekends and new locations. Funnily, all of their races are in the same locations and same dates as the PCTR schedule. Huh. Are two races being run by two different companies? Does Inside Trail know something we don't? Honestly, the more races the better, but it seems a little predatory for them to poach the same locations and dates. Also, the schedule seems very ambitious for a brand new company.

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