Saturday, January 28, 2012

Recovery and recuperating in Junuary

I've taken January as a recovery and recuperation month. My right hip bothered me for the end of December. Then I felt twinges of what I hoped wasn't IT band syndrome on my right leg. Then, at a wedding in LA mid-month, I tweaked my right knee. Running down 15th ST by Buena Vista, it hurt so bad I slowed to a hobble. And finally I got a sniffle that progressed to a sore throat. I turned off the coaching program on Runkeeper and just did 30-40 minute "easy" runs for fun. No timing, no goals, just getting outside because I love running.

I did intend to run the Brooks Trail Half Marathon, mainly to support Inside Trail in their inaugural race. However, my cold was bad and it was a drizzly day. Karen & Coach Ken looked like they had a great day volunteering!

In between body aches, I squeezed in some great runs. Greg & I jogged the strand along Manhattan Beach as I showed him the home of Beach Volleyball. There's been some beautiful sunny days, warm and clear enough it feels like the June we never get. Usually June here is fogridden cold. I call this month "Junuary". I did my absolute favorite Presidio loop and thought how lucky I am to live in San Francisco.

The Endurables might do a 100 mile training group for summer races. I am sorely tempted. I'd been eyeing the Angeles Crest 100 Mile, but it's sold out with NO wait list. Tahoe Rim is sold out (with a wait list). And then there's Headlands 100 Miles....which is listed on the PCTR site. But they canceled multiple races last year...will it happen this year?

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