Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 5: Of mud & zip

I wanted to squeeze one more run in, so in the morning I tried to run Petersen Creek Trail.  I ran on Glacier Highway about 3/4 mile to the trailhead.  The trail started up on gravel, then transitioned to planks covered with roofing shingles.  Then just to slick planks.  Then to mud up over my shins.  Then to mud up on my calves.  I realized the mud was just going to get thicker, and transition to snow.  I turned around.

I helped close up the cabin, then the remaining campers (Will, Cameron, Jim) and our counselors (:-) and John went to the airport for Will to get a car, then to return a van.  We had a final lunch.  Cameron is an eager kid, prone to asking questions like "what's it like to have a pacer?"  "What's the best 50 mile race?"  "What race has terrain like this"? 

I rushed downtown to do the Juneau zipline tour.  After being the only girl camper with 7 trail runners, on the zip tour I was…the only girl with 5 guys on a bachelor party weekend!!  Why Juneau?  The bachelor was scared of flying, so they'd taken the ferry from Skagway.  Sigh. 

A delicious crab supper at Tracy's Crab Shack on the water, and now enjoying the sunset, the first I've seen in Juneau.  I wish the weather had been like this for our fish bake yesterday.  I've also checked out my bruises.  No wonder my butt hurts, there's a huge purple area from where I fell on day 3. 

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