Friday, June 1, 2012

Day 4: Anti-Climbatic

The "A-Team" of the fastest, un-injured guys did a ~14 mile loop up Mount Roberts, put on snow-shoes to cover the high ridges, and then down Perservance.  At the start, Corle spotted a mountain goat, high up the slopes of snow-speckledd Mt Juneau. 


I hiked up Mt Roberts (~2.5 miles) to the tram station from town, where snow had overwhelmed the mud.  Corle had waited for me, and we set up an insane slope straight up snow to a cross.  The slope was very steep, so I traversed over to what I thought was the trail, behind a rope.  When I got close to the trail, I realized it was actually an avalance warning sign for the area I was IN.  I punched my hands in and spider monkey'ed up the slope, with Corle encouraging me.  Once I looked down.  Big mistake.  Big.  When I got to where Corle was, I realized there was a much easier path we could have taken through the snow on the left.  Oops. 

Corle & I had a nice sandwich lunch over Juneau, looking at the bald eagles soaring.  I realized that though I'll tolerate snow hiking, I don't enjoy it.  So we descended back down, then Corle left to buy fish for supper.

I  still felt good (though not fond of snow) so did a ~5 mile out and back on Perservance trail.  Geoff had said to be back at the van by 4 pm, so I booked back, arriving right at 4:01 pm.  Everyone was already there, and Geoff said "See?  I told you she speeds at the end!"

We had a SouthEastern Alaska fish bake.  Corle cut up a 11 pound salmon into steaks, and we BBQ'ed  at the beach in a steady drizzle.  The owners of Rainbow foods and their daughter joined us.  The food was outstanding, and I got to set the fire. 

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