Saturday, September 21, 2013

Brazen Racing Trail Hog Half Marathon

3rd in Age Group!

My friend Karen texted me on Tuesday if I would run "a half in Palo Alto, then drive down the coast". Absolutely! The race turned out to be in Joseph P Grant Park near San Jose, not Palo Alto.

Karen was a bit late picking me up due to ZipCar key card issues, then on the windy road up the park we got stuck behind slow cars driving 15 mph on a 30 mph road. PULLOVER!!!

Jumped out at the start, grabbed my bib from Tony "Endorphin Dude" and his Chew-weenie. Lost track of Karen, as the social butterfly that she is, was gabbing with friends.

First mile was an easy rolling run, with the added bonus of seeing Misha and her new dog, Hank, directing a turn. I stopped for a hug and a selfie. More steep hills, which I walked. Though, when I looked at my watch, even with my walks, I was ticking off 12 minute miles.

After the first aid station, Alvin caught up with me. He'd missed the start! He said "Edie, if this race was 15 miles, you'd beat me." Me "Well, it is long, with 13.4 as the distance.". He and I started leap-frogging - I was trying to maintain an even pace and "run my own race" but I kept catching back up with him. I hadn't seen Karen all race, and assumed she was well ahead of him.

For the rest of the race, I settled into an easy routine - dump a cup of water on my head. Walk the steepest ups, jog the slants and downs. I got stuck at one cattle gate before someone opened it for me, so started up the hill with about ~6 other people. I passed two slow joggers on this hill at a brisk walk. If you're running slower than someone is walking, WALK. I kept clicking off 11 - 12 minute miles.

I saw Misha about a mile from the finish "No time for a hug this time". I wanted to drop the hammer, but it was just too hot. Still, I managed to pass two guys who would run the ups, walk the downs.

Alvin finished ~5 minutes behind me, and Karen 15 minutes later. When I looked at the finisher list, Alvin was listed right under me, and the two guys I'd passed in front of me. "Oh, it's CHIP, not GUN"

"OHMYGOD, I'm THIRD IN MY AGE GROUP!!!" The last time I placed in my age group I was 17 at the PepCo Tidal Basin 5K. I leapt around in joy, and even paid $10 to have my age group medal engraved. 

Also cool, a lady recognized me from White River 50. She'd gone up with her daughter to run it, but stopped after the first, 25 mile, loop.

Karen & I celebrated by driving to Sam's Chowder House for Mai Tai's & Lobster Rolls. Loser drives home. 

Things I did well:
Stayed hydrated
Stayed fed
On hot day (in mid 90s), put water ver head at every aid station
Tried to say encouraging words to volunteers and runners.

Things to improve on:
Moment of panic when couldn't find Scobbies in bag

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