Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Double Dare 25K

Double Dare 25K

A strong performance considering I'd run ~17 miles the day before (and 5 the day before), to round out a 50+ mile week. But I missed 3rd in my age group due to missing a late turn.

This was the inaugural run for Inside Trail Run's Double Dare, a course set by ultra-legend Catra Corbett. Karen and Ken picked me up and after many turns up into the Sunol hills we were at the start. I'd run 17 miles on Saturday, and after supper with some friends, went to a bar for a birthday, and ended up in bed by 1:30 AM - barely 5 hours of sleep.

At the start I saw Alvin Lubrino & Todd Wong, as well as Todd Shipman. I was delighted to see Eldrith! a true legend and inspiration. At twice my age (in her 70s) she was running twice the distance - 50K.

A long slog up Flag Hill where basically everyone pass├ęd me, including Edlrith. Twice my age, twice my distance - and a bit quicker, too. Then winding through single-track and gradually picking back up people. I could sight them in the distance on the hills, their bright running shirts standing out among the dull brown of the October grass. I passed back Eldrith, as well as another legend, George, who still carries a pancake syrup bottle for hydration. A windy twisty single track section that left me very happy I was only doing one loop (25K) and not 50K.

On a long descent I saw a white shirt and tried to run faster to pass. It was KEN! I yelped out ALL DAY as I victoriously stormed past him. Then I realized he was walking with a foot issue. No glory in passing an injured friend. I walked with him for a moment as he asked me to let Karen know he was injured.

The day was warm, in the 90s, and I ran out of water coming into the last aid station - I was using a hand-held bottle (only) . The day before I'd realized that my bite valve on my hydration pack was completely black with mold. I couldn't bear to use it, and there was no time to get a new Hydra-pak.

At the final aid station, Sam was cutting up watermelon. So good. I ate and ate. One of the other aid station members had finished the 25K! & had come back to help.

As I ran to the finish, a runner I'd passed before almost caught me. I cranked my tunes, determined to not be passed - and missed the turn for the finish, starting on the 50K second loop. I went 2 minutes out and a dejected 2 minutes back before realizing. I finished at ~4 hours - 1:30 behind someone in my age group. If not for the wrong turn, I would be 3rd!

Things did well:
Hydrated at Aid Stations
Said Thanks to volunteers

Things to improve on:
Have backup hydra-oaks on hand(?)

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