Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Golden Gate 30K Race Report (again)

Rainy, Windy Golden Gate 30K

Picked Karen G up at 7 AM in a cold steady rain. I expected we'd park right by the start in the big dirt lot in Rodeo Beach, and huddle in the car until the race started. Instead, we were directed up the hill to a distant parking lot. When I got out of the car, I immediately felt cold and underdressed. I decided to wear the warmer jacket and hat I'd brought for post race, a smart decision. 

Pick up bib, and make it to start line about 1 minute before start. Hiked up Hill 88 in cold rain. Norbert sprints to catch me, and in his Austrian accent chides me for walking. Kinda warm on hike and wondering if I will regret bringing warm jacket.

On downhill of Miwok, see neon blur of the San Francisco Running Club coming my way. My glasses are too wet / foggy to make out any faces, but I hear a "GO EDITH". I yell back "THANKS JOR".. . breathe "GE!".  Oops. 

Tennessee Valley aid station - volunteers overwhelmed, I reach on the table to pour my own bottle.

Loop up and over Pirates Cove - windy, slippery. Didn't make up the time I wanted to make as nearly blown off the trail.

Up Marincello - still feeling good, but again strong winds. 

SCA - nearly blown off the trail.

Bombed down Coastal, picked off 3 runners who promptly passed me running up Coastal to Conzelman Road. I passed them all back though. I felt proud I felt strong in this section. Ran strong all the way to end, passed 3 more runners. Picked up ~30 minutes from Conzelman aid station to finish at 4:03. Didn't break 4 hours, but on such a poor weather day (high winds, slippery mud), good!

Hung out at the end eating lentil soup with Hot Links (YUM). 

Did well:
kept eating reeses' & energy gels.
Thanked volunteers.

Didn't do well: 
Yelled at other runner to "PICK THAT UP" when trash blew at her feet
Didn't bring warm enough clothes for end, was super cold waiting 70 minutes for Karen
The big dirt parking lot at Rodeo Beach is now reclaimed wetland. 

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