Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 2 of Alaska Ultra Running Camp: Surviving

Today was a much better day and I'm glad I came.  Because the weather was rain, we did an out and back along the coast.  We drove to the end of the road (literally), then Geoff said it was 9 miles out to Bishop Point.  If we didn't make the point, he said to turn around at two hours.  There was only one trail, hugging the coast all the way to the end.  Except for one turn, where a side trail went down to a beach camp.

Almost immediately again everyone was out of sight, but I felt much less pressure than yesterday. All I had to do was run two hours, then turn around.  The trail was well groomed for about 1/5 mile, then became very rocky.  And rooty. Roots and rocks, roots and rocks.  I took off my jacket and was running in shorts, t-shirt and compression socks.

On my right was filtered views of the water & mountains through the evergreens.  On the left were occasional gorgeous waterfalls.  The trail was constantly changing elevation, but never too steep.  Geoff came back to make sure I made the turn-off.  Right than Will staggered into view saying "where is Everyone?"  He'd taken the wrong turn down to the beach and seen a "HUGE BEAR". Will & Geoff took off, and I was again on my own.

After the roots and rocks, there was a section of slippery planks over deep mud, interspersed with downed trees to climb over.  The two hours went by very quickly.  Around 1:30, the trail started opening up to more needles and more runnable, so I actually went till 2:07 when my set ended.  I'd packed a turkey, swiss, avocado wrap, and I ate as I started back.

On the way back it started to rain, but not hard enough to be bothersome.  The faster guys passed me. Jim was filthy.  His shoe had been literally been sucked off his foot in a deep mud-hole, and he'd had to dig it out by hand. I'd just wiped out on a plank and sat down hard on my who-sis when two more campers passed me.  I sprinted to the end at 4:08, a negative split, and not last (two finished after me!). 

Things I did well:
Experimented with eating.  I took a wrap & baby Bell to eat on the run. Both stayed down with no stomach issues.

Experimented with my new pack.  My hydrapak E lite is great, but for Cascade 100 I want more space for a jacket & headlamp.  I carried my new Ultraspire Surge, which worked out great--I could carry my jacket, baby Bell, wrap, Scoobies. 

Traveled at my own pace & enjoyed the day. 

Things to do better:
Didn't apply BodyGlide, so some minor arm chafe. 

Will saw a HUGE whale (big even in his photo) and I didn't see the whale!

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