Thursday, May 31, 2012

Day 3 of Alaska Ultra Running Camp: Thriving

My favorite day so far, an easy 8 miles. Today was a "rest" day where we were doing an easy 3.5 miles to Windfall Lake Cabin.  Of course, Geoff parked the van about a half mile back so we'd get an extra mile in. 

The trail was relatively flat and groomed, with occasional views of a snow capped peaks.  There were some rooty patches, but nothing compared to yesterday. Geoff ran with me a little, and he said yesterday's trail was amongst the most sustained technical trails he knew of, with miles of roots and rocks.  He said even HURT wasn't so sustained.  Today, there were also long sections of planks, which were slightly slick from the rain and I was careful as my butt still hurt from yesterday's spill.  The ground was soft and moist, so unlike the hardpack of Marin County.

I took the .2 mile turnoff for Windfall Cabin, but when I got to the cabin, I didn't see anyone.  Had I misheard?  Were we NOT going to the cabin?  I called out a little, then decided to turn back.  Right when I got to the junction, the group caught back up with me.  They had been IN the cabin. 

The run back went by very quickly, and when it started to rain harder I ran in even faster.  My purple jacket is fine in a mist, but I was getting cold & wet.  Geoff came back to run the last mile in with me, and we had a a sprint finish (guess who won).  Everyone was huddled from the rain. 

I got a great massage from John, a local who'd run Miwok it's first year, and Western States three times!  Now we have two hours of "in town" time, where I'm posting blog entries & catching up on my internet. 

Tomorrow's run is supposed to be epic, the longest yet!!

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