Sunday, May 27, 2012

Just Edie in Alaska

Geoff Roes running camp looked like the kick in the pants I needed for my 100 mile in August.  It started Memorial Day, so the timing was perfect.  One small issue--the camp was labeled as for "experienced".  I wrote Geoff with my races & times. He wrote back and said if I could run for 3-5 hours with minimal breaks, I could do it.  Great! 

Geoff sent out the final instructions a week before camp, cc'ing everyone else who is attending.  Huh.  All these names look like guys.  I looked up a few on UltraSignup.  Huh.  All these names look like FAST guys.  Well, I'll still have fun and see some beautiful scenery, even if I will be the slow girl at the back of the pack. 

Getting to Alaska:  I used my American miles to fly Alaska Airlines (to Alaska!).  The times weren't quite what I wanted, and I'm flying back to Oakland, not SFO. However, 50K miles vs ~$800 in airfare ?  great!  As there was no economy tickets, I got first class.  Unfortunately, I spilled red wine on my one warm running jacket during the flight.  I changed clothes at the airport as otherwise I was worried they wouldn't rent me a car!

Sight seeing:  On Sautrday, I flew into Anchorage and drove down to Girdwood (about 40 miles south).  I misread the sunset on my iPhone and thought it was 8:22 pm (SF sunset).  No, the sunsets at 11:04 pm!  On Sunday,  I'm driving around for some brisk day hikes.  The rental car guy upsold me to a Jeep Patriot, and I'm having fun!  I originally was going to take the train, but the car gives me more flexibility to go on my own hikes. 

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